Best trip to the Maldives

Hey, Wanderlusts! 

I finally had the chance to visit the Maldives. The Maldives has been on my bucket list for a few years. I chose to stay at the W Hotel because I love the W Hotel brand.

Getting to the Maldives

In my case, I took the flight from Dubai to Male, Maldives that took 4 hours. Once I landed, I proceeded to the W counter check in order to catch a seaplane to the Island. From the Male airport, I jumped on the bus that took me to the W Lounge, about a 10-minute ride to the other airport where the TMS seaplanes operate. I waited at the lounge for an hour, then took the seaplane flight that took 30 minutes to arrive at the W Island.

Boarding the TMS seaplane


Wow, wow, wow – what a beautiful flight. I absolutely love flying in small aircraft, especially seaplanes. The views were breathtaking.

As I landed on the Island, the entire staff’s management from the W Hotel greeted me with a glass of champagne and introductions. What nice, smiley, and friendly people. So welcoming! 


After the introductions, I was taken to my room by the resort cars. I had initially booked the beach villa, but to my surprise, I was upgraded to the ocean villa. I immediately changed my clothes into a swimsuit and jumped in the villa’s pool.




I was so excited to be on this Island so I headed out to explore. From white sand beaches to crystal clear seawater to breathtaking villas, I was in whoa mode. I am so impressed by this hotel. Everywhere I’d turn was a “wow” moment. So I proceeded to walk along the island beach, checked out all of the restaurants that the W Hotel offers, picked up my snorkeling gear and headed back to my villa. Once I got to the villa the first thing I did was put my snorkeling gear and jumped into the ocean. Btw, the villa is so private, you can not see a single person around you, at this point you might as well be naked. I am so looking forward to staying on this island for 3 nights and 4 days.


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Dining @ WMaldives


FISH: Seafood.


FIRE: Steak house & BBQ.



SIP: Japanese.


KITCHEN: Everyday dining.



Wet Bar: everyday dining menu ranging from burgers, wood-fired pizzas, and salads. Open for lunch, sunset drinks, and late-night drinks and snacks. Make sure to grab 2 for 1 happy hour while sitting in the pool.



Of course, W Maldives houses a beautiful spa with every single treatment you could possibly think of. Indulge yourself in this beautifully designed spa on the sea.


Every day on the island was magical. The time went by so fast. The 4th day came in no time. It’s so typical for the first few days to go by slowly, and then the days pass by in the blink of an eye. 

At this point, I enjoyed every minute of my last day. From snorkeling for the 10th time (literally) to swimming in the ocean to catching a beautiful sunset.



As I boarded the seaplane to head back to Dubai, I was really sad to leave – of course – I am pretty sure everyone gets sad to leave on every vacation. My flight from Male to Dubai was at 11 PM – so I had some time to kill. Once I landed at Male and was transported to the airport by the W Hotels bus I checked the bags into the bag check and bought a ferry ticket to head to Male, Maldives – the capital city of Maldives. Well, I can tell you this, I frankly would not suggest going into that city. While it looks somewhat cool from above its really not the same once you are there. As I walked for 3 hours trying to find something cool, I was frankly disappointed and at this point felt hungry. I did manage to find a really nice Thai restaurant “Sala Thai”

After the dinner, I was just so tired, that I headed back to the ferry terminal – the ferry runs every 10 minutes to and from the airport and Male city. 

I picked up my bags, proceeded to the check-in point with Emirates. Got through security, sat in a lounge, and then it really hit me that the Maldive trip is over!

What I really want to say is that you must visit the Maldives, at least once in your lifetime. When you truly think about the most amazing vacation, Maldives should be your number one destination!

Ciao for now.

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