Best Restaurants in Santorini, Greece


Petra Restaurant (Mediterranean) $$$$ Food to try: scallops with cauliflower and a bitter almond foam; lobster ravioli with caviar; lemon cream and a bisque sauce.

Axinos (Mediterranean) $$$ Food to try tomato fritter and cod croquette with beetroot; fava with octopus terrine.

The Athenian House (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$ Things to try: moussaka made with a white eggplant mousse, lamb mince, and feta cheese béchamel.

La Maison (Mediterranean) $$$$ Food to try octopus and calamari sautéed with bergamot and olives; scampi with spinach, roe paste, herring eggs, and tamarisk greens.

Lycabettus Restaurant (Seafood) $$$ Food to have: split-pea favs paste with caper chutney; crispy pastry shells stuffed with tarama roe paste and avruga caviar; croquettes of cracked trahana wheat, pastourma ham & yogurt; sea-bass tartare with mango and passion fruit.

Mylos Bar Restaurant (Mediterranean) $$$$

Santoro (Mediterranean) $$$ Food to try volcanic shrimp dakos with rye rusks soaked in the juice of a Greek salad and shrimp cooked over hot sand with vegetables seared for sweetness on the flat-top grill; angel hair pasta soup made with a broth of seaweed and purple dye murex sea snails.

Santo Winery Must: Wine Tasting. Food to try: salad of fresh cheese; caper leaves and rusks; fava split-pea paste with octopus; pork fillet stuffed with local sun-dried tomatoes; hylopites pasta with Cycladic syglino (cured pork)

Botargo (Mediterranean) $$$$

Alisachni Art & Wine Gallery (Mediterranean) $$$$

Oia Vineyart (Wine Bar, Mediterranean) $$$