Hotel Overview: Al Faya Retreat, Sharjah

Step away from the city noise and deep into the heart of the desert. Al Faya Retreat offers guests the opportunity to explore the true beauty of the Mleiha region. This region was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Embracing its heritage, the location was formerly occupied by a clinic and grocery store in the 60s. Featuring just five rooms, its contemporary feel masterfully combines aspects of its original features, blended together with luxe modernity. Comprising a restaurant, library, viewing deck and a one of a kind hands-free SPA with a saltwater pool system, Al Faya Retreat is a unique place to be.

Al Faya Retreat


Al Faya Retreat was designed by architect Jonathan Ashmore and his Dubai and London-based practice ANARCHITECT. Al Faya Retreat consists of two single-story, stone-built buildings from the 1960s. It was previously occupied by a clinic and grocery store. The architects re-imagined it as a contemporary boutique lodge and restaurant.


Location & Ambiance

Al Faya Retreat is set in the midst of the Mleiha, which is home to a number of significant sites, including Bronze Age tombs, historical caves, and pre-Islamic forts. A wealth of fascinating artifacts, from camel skeletons to pottery and iron tools have been discovered here, with many on display in the outstanding Mleiha Archaeological Centre. The foothills of sandy mountains play host to one of the region’s most unique hotels. Al Faya Lodge rises out of the enchanting dunes that surround it, offering a boutique experience like no other.

Rooms at Al Fayal Retreat

With just five rooms, Al Faya Lodge offers a contemporary feel masterfully combining aspects of originality, blended together with luxe modernity. Bedrooms feature a skylight for stargazing at night with a fire pit primed for recapping the day’s many adventures.


Dining at Al Faya Retreat

The roadhouse type concept of the restaurant at Al Faya Lodge provides an intimate and private setting, with a seating capacity of approximately 40 guests. Guests can enjoy a contemporary à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, I must admit that the menu options are very disappointing, especially for dinner. The restaurant only serves burgers and sandwiches for dinner. For breakfast and lunch, they serve a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine. Other than this restaurant, there are no restaurants nearby.

Spa at Al Faya Retreat

The spa at Al Faya Retreat offers an experience like no other. Inspired by the landscape that surrounds it, its tranquil atmosphere allows for complete relaxation.

The spa is located in its own building. Privacy is key, with views gazing out across the dunes. The 118 sqm spa takes its inspiration for the surroundings to create thermal and relaxation experiences that touch on the five senses.

Facilities include a salt inhalation room, a shower walk, an herbal sauna, and a 128 sqm outdoor saltwater pool. You can embark on a wellness journey as you venture through the herbal and Himalayan salt rooms, before heading to the tropical walk where a range of different shower pressures, lights, and sounds allow for a completely immersive experience. Promoting both physical and mental health, the rooms help to reduce inflammations, helping those with respiratory issues and improving overall well-being.


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