Hotel Overview: Kingfisher Retreat, Kalba, Sharjah

Kingfisher Retreat offers you a gateway to a unique world of conservation, the only one of its kind in the UAE. This natural retreat is the perfect place to slow down, breathe and just be.

Kingfisher is set on the east coast of Sharjah. The beauty of the pristine beach and Indian Ocean waters is matched perfectly by refined interiors of soft beiges, blues and desert browns that dress the resort. Arrive on a private boat that will take you to your private island with a modern tent and its own private pool designed to provide comfort, privacy and amazing views of the Indian Ocean.
Kingfishers Retreat


Alongside its immense heritage, Sharjah highlights its artistic and cultural values with its Al Noor Island, a tranquil destination fashioned by art and nature. The island brings nature, art, and architecture together in one fascinating composition inspired by Austrian artist Andre Heller. Walk down the canal-side complex filled with cafés and experience Al Qasba as the premier family-friendly destination that engulfs your senses with art and culture and encourages complete relaxation. Savor exciting live performances, exceptional art centers and a wide variety of delectable dining choices that await you.

Experience at Kingfishers Retreat

With exclusive access to a pristine ecosystem, Kingfisher Retreat offers you a gateway to a unique world of conservation and culture. Embracing its Arabian heritage, Kingfisher Retreat provides you with a world-class luxurious experience.

Activities at Kingfishers Retreat

For those of you who like to stay active during your getaways and build on your exquisite experience, enjoy a list of several activities that will keep your heart pumping and face smiling: Learn and practice an ancient craft at the archery range. Savor the tranquillity as you kayak through mangroves, Watch sea turtles hatch, nest, and swim, and catch a glimpse of many rare bird species and the wildlife that all define Khor Kalba as a globally important wetlandIndulge in a panoramic ocean view of the Arabian Gulf while enjoying a healthy organic culinary experience for in-house guests and travel on the wings of extravagant beauty and change.

Refresh your soul with a host of activities ranging from water to land such as diving, kayak excursions, stand-up paddleboarding, nature walks all along the Watchtowers trek, cycling Wadi Helo, cycling across Kalba culture and visiting Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre or Kalba Bird of Prey Centre.

Rooms at Kingfishers Retreat

Kingfisher Retreat consists of 20 luxurious tents. The design is set to provide comfort, privacy and amazing views of the Indian Ocean, each with its own private plunge pool and barbecue. The tents are all equipped with the best facilities for your utmost comfort.


20 tents, located on the Arabian Sea coast:

  • 13 One Bedroom Tent – Sea View (139 sqm including outside deck)
  • 2 One Bedroom Tent – Mountain View (139 sqm including outside deck)
  • 5 Three Bedroom Tent – Sea View (344 sqm including outside deck)

Dining at Kingsfisher Retreat

Kingfisher Retreat offers a healthy organic culinary experience for all-day dining. You can also enjoy an open-space social dining facility. Al Korum restaurant provides a fresh and evolving menu of international and local foods.


About Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah is an emirate, part of the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Gulf, considered as the rich cultural capital of the Middle East. Traditionally more family-oriented than its southern neighbor Dubai, which is known for its tall skyscrapers, nightlife, and shop-till-you-drop malls. Sharjah takes a more subtle approach concentrating on culture and history is widely considered the nation’s cultural capital.

Sharjah is home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the country such as the restored Sharjah Heritage Area and the riveting vast history of the Mleiha Archaeological Site. Not to mention the adrenaline-fueled adventures at the heart of its deserts and rich wildlife. This emirate is doing more than anywhere else in the UAE, to preserve its heritage which explains why UNESCO declared it the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998 with recognition reaffirmed in 2014.

About Sharjah Collection

Shurooq launched the Sharjah Collection, a boutique hotel concept, as part of its ongoing strategy to promote the Emirate as one of the region’s leading cultural tourist spots. Mysk by Shaza is a bold and friendly theatre of life that puts the spotlight on the ever-evolving Arabian Lifestyle. Shaza is named after a fragrance that travels on the Eastern winds – a dream made with the base note of musk. Mysk is a fresh breeze that carries the essence of Shaza’s fragrance. It adds a signature aroma to the theatrical experience of life. Mysk is the theatre of life, where culture and heritage take the guest on a festive journey filled with joviality and excitement. The Sharjah Collection unveils the soul of Sharjah and reveals the essence of this Emirate through the balance of luxurious accommodation, heritage, Arabian culture and hospitality, adventure and intimate encounters with the natural landscape. It is a group of distinctive boutique hotels, eco- retreats purposefully located in key locations throughout the Sharjah EmiratethatwilltakeyouonanexquisitejourneyontheEasternwinds and sands of time. Kingfisher Retreat, Al Badayer Retreat, and Al Faya Retreat are hallmarks of Sharjah’s identity each with its own distinctive allure. At any of the Sharjah Collection accommodations, you will enjoy an illustrious experience that will leave you breathless, nostalgic, enchanted and bringing back cultural riches. Travel the mystical winds adding an aroma of Mysk to your journey and capture the Arabian enchantment.

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