Best Things to do in Hvar, Croatia

Claiming to be the sunniest spot in all of Europe, the Croatian island of Hvar is the perfect destination for tourists seeking the beauty of Mediterranean beaches without the crowds associated with more well-known destinations. Pathways lined with lavender vines lead to secluded coves, small fishing villages, local vineyards, ferries, and catamarans carry visitors across the calm, blue waters to the surrounding islands, all worthy of exploration.

Hvar is a port and resort town on the Croatian island of Hvar. Yachts fill its harbor in summer. Ferries connect the town with the several Pakleni Islands just offshore. These are home to secluded beaches, such as those around Ždrilca Bay, as well as rocky coves and pine forests. Hula Hula Beach in Hvar and Stipanska Beach on Marinkovac Island are known for their nightlife and lively bars.

For a more detailed list of all the restaurants, hotels, and things to do check out here.

Best Restaurants in Hvar

Macondo (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Marije Maričić 7, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Macondo is located in an alley down from the main square. The menu includes some of the freshest seafood and fish dishes in town, but the restaurant is known especially for its gregada dish: a local fishermen’s stew made with sea bass, onions, garlic, potatoes, and wine.

The gregada dish is Hvar’s specialty and is pretty pricey at 450HRK and feeds two people. 450HRK is the typical price at most restaurants for this dish.

Konoba Menego (Mediterranean, Croatian) $$$

Ulica Kroz Grodu 26, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Konoba Menego is a family-owned tavern in the ancient part of Hvar. The tavern specializes in traditional Croatian cuisine, with an emphasis specifically on the Dalmatian region. Try the cold Dalmatian specialties, including sheep cheese in olive oil, domestic slices of bread, drunk figs, and anything on the menu with wine grapes.

Restaurant Passarola (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Dr. Mate Miličića 10, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Passarola is a fine restaurant located just beside the Cathedral in the old part of the city Hvar. The menu mixes international flavors with ancient and new Croatian dishes, including handmade lobster pasta, a modern gredada fish stew, and seafood risottos with excellent wines.

Dalmatino (Mediterranean, Croatian) $$$$

Ulica Sveti Marak 1, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Dalmatino is a welcoming family-owned fish and steak house. The restaurant is ideally located just far enough from the main square to enjoy a meal in peace and quiet. While deciding on your meal choice, you’ll receive complimentary tasters and brandy. Praised for their delicious dishes, anything on the menu at Dalmatino is worth trying. If you’re in Croatia for the first time, try their local gregada fish stew or pasticada, which is a traditional Dalmation stewed beef dish, cooked in a special sauce.

Giaxa (Mediterranean) $$$$

Marije Maričić 3, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Hidden on a narrow backstreet in a beautiful ancient 15th-century building, Giaxa is a restaurant that is both traditional and modern. The restaurant prepares meals using local groceries: fish and seafood caught in the local sea and vegetables cultivated on the island.

Alviž (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$

Ulica Uvala Chisti Dolac 2 Ive Miličića 1, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia
Alviž is an old family-owned and operated pizzeria restaurant that has been around since 1989. In addition to pizzas, the menu includes seafood and meat dishes, salads, soups, risottos, and pasta.

Caperasa Bistro & Bar (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Petra Hektorovica 15, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Zori Restaurant (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Palmizhana 19, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

“Zori” restaurant is situated in the bay of Vinogradišće, on the Island Saint Clement, which belongs to the group of Pakleni Islands, near the city of Hvar. Whether you wish to have lunch or dinner with friends, loved ones, alone, or maybe team-building, small congress, birthday party, anniversary, or even a wedding you are welcome. We are always at your disposal and with our expertise and efficiency, we will prove that this particular place is made only for you… From organic meat offer to seafood, amazing wine offer, and efficient service Zori restaurant are always striving to offer you the best. We recommend reservations.

Divino (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Shetalishte Put Krizha 1 1, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Zlatna Skoljka (Seafood Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Petra Hektorovica 8, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Beach Club Hvar (Seafood) $$$$

Setaliste Tonija Petrica, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia


Restaurant Passarola  (Seafood Mediterranean) $$$$

Dr. Mate Miličića 10, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Appetit Hvar (Seafood Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Sveti Marak 7, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Štajun Hvar (Seafood Mediterranean) $$$$

Tezacka 2, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

I had to go to this place twice. The first time I was here, I wanted to order the “our ravioli” but they didn’t have it available any longer. I went back the next day and managed to have it. It was interesting. Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and shrimp.

Fig Hvar (Cafe, brunch) $$

Trg Svetog Stjepana 22, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Located down a charming 16th-century alleyway, Fig Hvar is focused on vibrant, interesting food with an emphasis on healthy alternatives. Whether you’re looking for something a little spicier like the Mexican pulled pork and vegetarian curry, or something lighter like the unique selection of flatbreads or salads, you’ll always get something fresh and different.


Lucullus (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Petra Hektorovica 8 21450 Hvar, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Black Pepper (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$

Ulica Skaline Od Gojave 11 Skaline od Gojave 11, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia


Lola Street Food & Bar (Bar) $$

Ulica Sveti Marak 8, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Restaurant Park Hvar (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Bankete bb, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia


The Wine Bar – Tri Pršuta (Bar, Croatian) $$$

Petar Hektorovica 5 Petra Hektorovica 5, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Restaurant Luviji Rooftop (Seafood, Mediterranean) $$$$

Ulica Jurja Novaka 6, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Best Hotels in Hvar

History Hvar Design Heritage Suites $$$$

Ulica Vicka Butorovica 6, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Palace Elisabeth, Hvar Heritage Hotel $$$$

Trg Svetog Stjepana 5, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Palace Elisabeth is a full-service 5-star heritage hotel situated in the heart of Hvar, directly above the city hall overlooking the main square. It is located in one of the key places in the city and is considered a historic landmark with stunning Venetian and Austrian architectural details. The history of the palace dates back to the 13th century and in 1899 it was rebuilt under the name Spa Hotel Empress Elisabeth, after the famous Austrian Empress Sisi, who was a generous patron of the hotel’s construction and known for her exceptional traveling lifestyle. With respect to the hotel’s rich history and tradition, it will thus bear her name – Palace Elisabeth, Hvar Heritage Hotel. The hotel includes 45 luxury rooms and suites with stunning details and unique design, an indoor swimming pool, and multiple terraces.

Hotel Park Hvar $$$$

Bankete bb, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Hotel Park is situated in the heart of the town, between the one time Rector’s Palace & St. Mark Church. Hotel Park Hvar has some of the most stunning views of the south port and the Paklinski Islands.

Villa Rosmarinus $$$$

Ulica Ivana Bozhitkovica 30, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Mediterranean style luxury villa is located 15 minutes walking time from the heart of the city. The villa is suitable for a maximum of 14 people and is perfect for families or groups looking for complete tranquility and privacy. The newly built large-heated-infinity swimming pool offers an amazing panoramic sea view.

Best Things To Do

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Mlini Beach


Mekicevica Beach

Tvrdava Fortica

Pakleni Islands

Port of Hvar (Harbour of Hvar)

Here you will find tons of restaurants, and most importantly taxi boats that will take you to any of the available islands.

Carić Winery (Winery)

Svirce bb Town Center, Otok 21465 Croatia


Caric Winery is a 30-45 minute drive from Hvar. I didn’t get the chance to actually visit the winery, however, I have had many of their wines at many of the restaurants listed above. The best thing is that the winery delivered me bottles of wine for me to take home. Contact them on Facebook for delivery and for any of the questions you might have.

Best Bars & Clubs

Ka’lavanda Music Bar

Central Park Club

Bankete bb, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Central Park Club is located in the center of town Hvar, just a few steps from the main square. The spacious colorful interior with sofas, high ceilings, and fireplace have an old-world charm mixed with a cozy and smooth atmosphere. In the morning hours whatever, you are enjoying the special coffee cocktail or simply the best coffee in Hvar served with freshly baked croissant, you can relax with all-time hits from Sinatra, Aretha, Ray Charles, Renato Carosone…to modern music that sounds like. While the coffee flavor awoke your senses, free WI-fee access and free mini laptops to use will make your daily news check simple. During the day in Park Club, grab lunch & brunch. Carefully prepared & daily fresh cold salads & seafood specials served with modern touch and elegance will refresh your day. Central Park Club Terrace became a “meeting place” & “event location” in hot summer nights. Live concert, DJ’s & parties with funky & jazz & blues & retro sound makes Park Club the best place to chill out.

Carpe Diem Hvar (Bar) $$

Obala Riva 32, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450 Croatia

Welcome to the finest bar in Hvar and experience the luxury side of the island and find out why we are the town’s hotspot for the last 20 years! Located right at the harbor of ancient old town Hvar. Open-air seafront terrace is surrounded by the mesmerizing sea view, palm trees, and ancient stone. It is the perfect place to start your day with the rising sun and a stunning view accompanied by excellent lounge music and a gentle breeze of the Mediterranean while enjoying freshly prepared brunch every day from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm. Hvar’s famous place to be and celebrate life with a glass of world-class champagne, specially selected wine menu, and best unique cocktails which have been enjoyed by world-famous celebrities. End your day with the most exclusive city party on our terrace ’till 2 am, enjoy the moment, and discover the exquisite taste of Croatia!


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